You are looking for a free rating plugin for your iOS app. And you want a powerful plugin which offers great possibilities. Here is how our rating prompt SDK can help.  

Ratings popups are important to your iOS game

It is very hard to get your users to rate your app. Developers rely on ratings while users tend to be annoyed. The average review has a certain impact on downloads and rankings. Used correctly, rating requests can be of great help to your iOS game. They can benefit both app developers and users.

Set up your iOS rating prompt with polljoy

The iOS integration is fast. You will be up and running in 5 minutes.

  1. Download the SDK and extract Dist folder to your local drive
  2. Drag the Polljoy.framework & Polljoy.bundle to your project in Xcode
  3. Add the following iOS frameworks to link
    • UIKit
    • Foundation
    • CoreGraphics

You can access the complete integration guide here.

A smart rating prompt SDK

polljoy’s smart rating system enables you to identify your big fans and motivate them to rate and improve your ratings. Meanwhile, it gathers critical feedback from all users, so you can make your app even better.

We have a ready to use poll. You just have to create an account and integrate. You can deploy rating prompts instantly. And you can also fully customise your polls!

Rate my app popup for ios

polljoy also offers an advanced target filtering. Decide who you want to show the poll to, and monitor the live results in our interactive web console.

In-app rating request best practices and tips

  • Embed your app store link into the rating prompt so users are redirected to the app store when asked to rate the app.
  • Make your prompt look native to your app by uploading custom graphics or customising the layout.
  • Keep questions short and simple. Create personal questions using a wording that fits your app.
  • Show the request at a moment of accomplishment.
  • Reward users for their input with in-app currencies by using our reward feature.
  • Use the dynamic console to analyse your results at a glance. Learn and act fast.
  • Do not interrupt the user in the middle of the app play

If you are looking for an easy to integrate “rate my app” plugin that supports iOS, get started with our free SDK. It will take only minutes and help boost your 5 star ratings quickly. It also gives you the feedback you need to improve your product to an even higher standard. If you want to know more about app store ratings, check out our tips on how to improve your app store ratings.

We also support Android, Unity and Web. If you’re also developing on Android, check out our dedicated article here.

Any questions, just ask me at caroline@polljoy.com. Follow us on Twitter for more mobile love and polljoy news!

Caroline Lee

Written by Caroline Lee
Community developer at polljoy - the in-game ratings and player feedback SDK. I'm passionate about helping devs make their games even more awesome. Reach me at caroline@polljoy.com