Being a game developer and searching for best practices is often tough. But to save you some time, we selected the 10 best blogs for game developers.

Programming blogs are a great way to stay on top of the latest trends in the mobile gaming industry. Our selection contains high quality blogs about monetization, mobile gaming trends, resources for developers and game design blogs.


Wolfire’s blog gives many useful insights into the process the team goes through for the creation of their game Overgrowth. Their Art section is pretty good and they have great game graphics.

Link - Topics: Game design, game art


DroidGamers provides you with game reviews, game news,  interviews with game developers. They also have great tutorials and resources for android game developers in their guide section.

Link - Topics: Resources, interviews, reviews, mobile gaming trends

Game Sauce

Game Sauce is one of the best blogs for game developers looking for inspiration. It also provides great resources and interviews. There are lots of free guides and insights from other members of the industry through guest posts.

Link - Topics: Mobile gaming trends, interviews

Lost Garden

Lost Garden is a great blog providing lots of resources for mobile game developers. In his blog, Daniel cook also offers great essays on game design. He really goes in-depth with his tutorials and guides.

Link - Topics: Game design, business, game art


This is a great website to learn about the basics of game development. There are plenty of good articles based on the writer’s wide game development experience.

Link - Topics: Game design, game art, tutorials, trends


Octave is a free sounds library. Using high quality sounds in your gameplay and mobile app is a great way to enhance the user experience. Octave might be useful a lot if you are looking for royalty free  sounds effects for your mobile game.

Link - Topics: Free resources


Indies Statik is a blog for indie game developers. It provides news on indie game releases. It is a great place if you want to stay up to date. You might even find your own games featured here.

Link - Topics: Indie games, reviews, indie games

Distimo (App Annie)

Part of the App Annie family, Distimo is an awesome source for app analytics. Their Leaderboards section has a strong search engine that help you search for games and analyse trends. This would be useful in determining your next game or the next update to your existing games.

Link - Topics: Mobile gaming trends, app analytics


Gamasutra’s experts blog is a great blog for mobile game developers. Articles are written by influential people in the mobile gaming industry and provide great insights on different aspects of game design and mobile gaming industry.

Link - Topics: Game design, Business, Resources

UX Mag

UX Mag is a really great blog about User Experience and design. It is related to apps in general. Here you will get great tips on building a great UX and how tooptimize your design.

Link - Topics: UX

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