We built polljoy out of frustration and failure. Antony and I had created a point-to-point messaging app especially for families.

We thought it was a great idea.

Something easy enough for grandma and safe for little Megan.

cofounder first app

We did customer research early (“just what I need for my kids”), tested mockups with real users (ambushing strangers at the airport really works) and focused on a fun UX and stable product.

But when we finally launched our high quickly evaporated:

building a free survey maker

Retention sucked

The vast majority didn’t even make a connection. Our Flurry dashboard told us what was happening, but not why.



  • Was it because they didn’t get the invite code concept?
  • Or didn’t have an easy way to let the other side know hot to install?
  • Or they did but the other side didn’t need it or trust it?
  • Or they didn’t like the look and feel of the app?
  • Or they were fine just using text messages or Facebook etc
  • Or a technical issue?
  • Or they were expecting something else when they downloaded? etc…etc…

All we had were guesses.

User feedback? Our 13,402 users gave us less than 10 reviews or emails — less than 0.08% response rate.

We failed and didn’t even know why.

We grimly shut down the project but doing so, it got us thinking — how many other developers are in the same boat as us?

We figured – probably a lot.

polljoy free survey maker

So we decided to build a tool to solve: “not knowing why users leave”.

Fast forward many months of work we’re launching our free survey maker for mobile and web - We’d love your feedback on polljoy.

psyou may see our polls running on our site. Simple reason – we don’t want to screw up twice

Simon Newstead

Written by Simon Newstead
entrepreneur and angel investor, with a passion for the mobile and gaming space. Simon is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Frenzoo, and Co-Founder of polljoy.