It’s easy to get excited in our own product and forgot that a new user views it from a different angle.

 “how does this help me achieve my goals?”

Being an open polling system, polljoy gives you instant and actionable mobile feedback.

It can be used to ask any question, to convey any information and solicit any action… it’s up to the dev’s imagination how you use it!

mobile feedback poll

One of the example questions in our list to end all lists…

Except most devs are practical (and busy!) and would appreciate some pointers.

So after hearing the questions too many times, we’ve acted and compiled the ways it’s being used, and example poll questions to make it easier to come up with ideas.

We broke it up into the following categories:

  • Appstore ratings
  • Product feedback
  • Why they purchased / monetization
  • Discover why users leave / retention
  • User research
  • Bugs and helpdesk
  • Cross promotion
  • Game balancing
  • Image polling
  • Concept testing
  • Community management & promotions
  • Encourage word of mouth
  • Mailing lists etc
  • Placeholder UI & tutorial
  • Content suggestions
  • Seasonal messages
  • and more…

Check our the sample questions here.

ps — we probably should have done this way earlier, but sometimes you just forget important stuff… anyway, better late than never!

Caroline Lee

Written by Caroline Lee
Community developer at polljoy - the in-game ratings and player feedback SDK. I'm passionate about helping devs make their games even more awesome. Reach me at caroline@polljoy.com